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Gobble: Retaining Customers with Delicious Meals and Great Marketing

Gobble is a meal delivery service that lets customers cook fast, healthy dinners all week.


  • Content creation

  • Email marketing

  • Community management

  • Social Media 

Gobble is a meal kit delivery service that sends healthy, pre-prepped ingredients to their customers each week. The company relies heavily on email communication with their existing user base to maintain weekly sales and keep customers engaged with their often-updated menu.

We managed Gobble’s email database of meal subscribers across the nation, using targeted email content to increase reorders, sell additional offerings to existing customers, and reactivate expired trial users and customers whose order frequency had dropped off. We also created a social media strategy and managed content creation and scheduling as they prepared to raise their Series B.

An Email Marketing Overhaul

Gobble’s email database wasn’t being used to its full potential. Transactional emails were regular, but there was far more potential for engaging customers with special offers, new meal suggestions, and opportunities to participate in the Gobble community. We created new templates and imagery that was more consistent with Gobble’s branding and rolled out several new nurture campaigns and promotions that consistently brought in more orders each week.

Fine-tuning segmentation was an important part of the success of these campaigns. Gobble’s customers were targeted according to their food preferences, location, and previous activity. Within these segments we A/B tested content, tracked customer activity from click to order, and ran cross-promotional campaigns with partners like Virgin Mobile.

A Scalable Social Media Strategy

To attract new customers and engage the community, we partnered with Go West Creative to manage Gobble’s social channels and run acquisition campaigns across multiple platforms. Gobble’s in-house team was able to step back and focus on customer service, knowing that high quality, on-brand posts were going out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We brought on a team of talented photographers and videographers to create updated campaign content. Over the contract period, Gobble’s social following increased by over 10x.

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